Work Package 2

PA2 User requirements & VX Design, UCC:M1-9

PA2.1: Develop a mapping framework using the EFIC Physiotherapy pain curriculum to capture current pain science and clinical reasoning skills development content which UCD, UCC and HU will undertake using a shared online system.

PA2.2: Structured feedback sessions with a purposeful sample of stakeholders (patients, students across various stages of the programme) will identify learning gaps in curricula & topics for VR clinical cases will be proposed using a co-design approach.

PA2.3: UCC, UCD, HU will develop clinical cases scripts that reflect identified conditions from the mapping matrix, and where treatment options map to international best practice. Feedback will be sought by Physiotherapy pain experts including from with EFIC organisation. UCD and Q&Q will provide technical expertise to ensure the virtual reality cases incorporate various clinical reasoning scenarios.