Work Package 3

PA3: VX Physiotherapy clinical cases platform development, UCD, Q&Q; M6-14

PA3.1 Design of the essential components of the VR environment.

Development of the VR components. The development of the necessary VR library components that shall be combined in order to develop the envisioned architectural design. This shall be based on the design of the VR environment. All necessary 3D models will be developed and corresponding animations will be implemented based on the interactivity between models.

3D models also needs to include textures in order to seem realistic, as long as recommended texture maps (normal map, ambient occlusion, specular map), which going to help at consistent representation and at any fluctuation on the surface of the model.

UI/UX development, which includes all the necessary coding and ergonomic selections (e.g. Special Effects, Voice Actors, Human voices to be used for avatars’ communications, Particles – Visuals) in order for the user environment to be friendly and intuitive for all users.

PA3.2: Design and Development of Training Mechanisms

Creating the actual training material using the tools of the previous development. This includes the creation of VR techniques to efficiently engage participants.

Design of the Training Mechanism and Gamification. Based on the identified techniques, the architectural design of the training mechanism shall be developed. To the extent possible, this mechanism shall employ gamification techniques, in order to make the scenarios attractive to the users.

Development of Training Mechanism and Gamification. Based on the architectural design of the mechanisms, and using the relevant tools and libraries.